THE HEART CODE NOVEL by Laura Matson Hahn.  First in the Bohemian Hearts Series

“WHO ARE YOU? AND WHAT DO YOU EAT?” is a tag line from one of my husband’s favorite jokes – about a Wide Mouth Frog exploring the world and learning about his fellow beings. 

I guess the same applies here.  In Brief:

I am a creative writer by desire. A commercial writer by profession. THE HEART CODE is my first novel. I’m also a published non-fiction writer for children’s history books.

My education -besides the hard knocks of life and amazing travel – was at the University of Rhode Island, where I studied Urban Affairs and Oral Interpretation of Literature and at the University of Michigan, for a Masters in Communication – specializing in Cable Television (it was new, then).

I’ve worked my way through corporate life, always leaning into new, breakthrough situations. Spent the last ten years writing freelance and teaching creative writing and performance of  Literature to a wide range of children.

I’m fascinated by how life unfolds and have studied all aspects of spirituality.  And yes, I consider myself a bohemian, in the true sense of the word….independent minded, often artistic, unwilling to be ruled by anyone else.


2 responses to “WHO ARE YOU, LAURA?

  1. Are you of Bohemian ethnicity? What compelled you to tie in this particular group when speaking of heart wisdom? I am Bohemian. My mother’s family is from north of Prague, German. They refer to the region as Sudetenland.

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