“Am I of Bohemian Ethnicity?” is a Readers Question

Bohemian Heart Rock“And what caused me to tie the Bohemians with the Heart’s Wisdom?”
Research is the answer.

The idea of linking THE HEART CODE to Bohemian came when I was imagining where the character of  Gamma was from.

The word Bohemia came into my head.  Hmmmm, I mused – and researched the country of Bohemia and learned it was named and claimed in 600 AD as BOHEMIA — which means “HOME OF THE BOII.”

So why was it called home of the Boii?  Who were the Boii? The Boii were a Celtic Tribe who migrated to the Prague area around 3000 BCE.

There is more to this very interesting story – and it is in the Novel THE HEART CODE.

I tied the Bohemians to the Heart’s Wisdom because the philosophy behind the two are very similar.

The original Boii Celts migrated to Prague from a territory between the Caspian and Black Seas – where they lived along with many other Tribes who all grew over time, intermingling and sharing common language elements.  It must have been a fertile region, north of Mesopotamia – for the tribes outgrew the space and were forced to relocate due to crowding.  When this happened around 3000 BCE – they scattered to the Middle East, India, Asia and the Celtic tribes settled across Europe. This is known because they all took with them the common roots of the languages from which modern-day linguists were able to trace back to the original territory between the Black and Caspian Seas

Many of us think of Celtic as only in Ireland – when that was the last place they existed.  By 2000 BCE, they populated much of Europe — all the way up to Scandinavia.  Currently, there are 14 different tribes of Celtics identified.

So now here is my fiction based on the facts: The definition of a Bohemian, besides being born in Bohemia, is someone who is of independent spirit, often artistic, living to his own drummer.  A small band of migrating people would have a better chance of surviving if they all had different skills and abilities.  Thus – they would not be inclined to make their children just like them. They would look and honor the uniqueness and encourage them to follow their true heart – with unique skills that would benefit the tribe.

So while I am not ethnically Bohemian, I am certainly philosophically Bohemian.

Would you consider yourself the same?  Philosophically Bohemian?