What is THE HEART CODE Novel About?

THE HEART CODE Novel is now Available via Amazon and http://www.createspace.com/3666028.  It can also be ordered via your local bookstore. 

It is published by Conversation Farm, which also has a blog on WordPress.

The first of a novel series, THE HEART CODE explores the mysteries and truths of following one’s heart.

Full Cover of THE HEART CODE: Artist:Julie Costanzo

Based on ancient wisdom and modern-day science validating the existence of a separate intelligence residing in the heart; the story features a young woman struggling to find her true path in life.  Instinctively drawn to her Bohemian born grandmother’s heritage and belief in each heart carrying a personalized code for life’s choices, she is confused by her mother’s drive to eschew such nonsense and pursue security and safety by marrying into the richest family in town.  Set in the 1930’s in a small community outside Hartford, Connecticut, the story follows the lives of two families, intertwined by fate, and changed by the wise and wonderful Gamma, who shares her ancient history and philosophy with anyone who will listen . . . and it’s surprising who actually does!

The first ten chapters are available for review and comment. EBook_Heart_Code_Cover04

Thank you for taking a peek!

Author: Laura Matson Hahn        

Cover Art by Miss Julie Costanzo of Portland Oregon

Laura’s other blog is ConversationFarm on WordPress.

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